HAHMA Scholarships

A limited number of HAHMA educational grants are available each year. The 2017 winner is Joshua Crouch from Choctaw, OK. To apply for next year’s scholarship, see below.

The following individuals are eligible for HAHMA Educational grants provided they meet the additional criteria outlined in this document:

  • High school seniors or individuals holding a GED that are planning to begin post-secondary studies in the 2018/2019 school year.

  • High school graduates currently enrolled in college, university, community college, or trade/professional schools.

  • Adults holding a high school diploma or GED pursuing additional educational opportunities.

All high school seniors who plan to begin post-secondary studies at colleges, universities, community colleges, or trade/professional schools are eligible for these grants provided he/she resides at an AHMA member “affiliated property” or is a member property or management company including immediate family members.

The applicant/family must be in good standing with the rules and regulations of Department of Housing and Urban Development, applicant’s respective state AHMA, and the specific AHMA member “affiliated property” lease requirements where they reside. EMPLOYEES AND/OR THEIR RELATIVES OF THE DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT, RESPECTIVE STATE AHMA, AND NAHMA MEMBER COMPANIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR CONSIDERATION FOR THESE GRANTS.


The selection criteria used to select grant recipients includes academic performance, character, and/or potential in a chosen field of study. Each of these three criteria carries equal weight in determining who will receive grants. Academic performance is determined by evaluating high school and/or college grade transcripts released to the Foundation by the student.

ALL HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS APPLYING MUST POSSESS A MINIMUM OF A 2.5 GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA) ON A 4.0 SCALE OR ITS EQUIVALENT. ALL MATRICULATED COLLEGE STUDENTS APPLYING MUST POSSESS A MINIMUM OF 2.3 GPA ON A 4.0 SCALE OR ITS EQUIVALENT. College students applying for grants who have attained sufficient credits at their institution of higher learning to be considered as a junior, must provide documentation of a declared major. The Foundation values student efforts in working toward a degree.

Character and proficiency in a chosen field of study will be evaluated through examination of an essay of 400 words, written by the student. As an alternative to the essay, musical and/or dramatic presentations may be provided on videotape or DVD. These presentations may not exceed five (5) minutes. Submission of a portfolio of artistic work, and/or composition, is also a suitable alternative to the essay. Two personal character references provided by the applicant will also be evaluated.

Since the parent/guardian or student residing at a HAHMA member “affiliated property” must provide a yearly updated financial statement demonstrating their eligibility for continued residency at a HAHMA site, this form will be utilized to determine financial need.


Each award will represent a scholarship grant provided to the selected students. These grants should not be mistaken in any way for student loans. While a high school student may apply for consideration for a grant prior to being accepted at a college, university, community college, or trade/professional school, they must provide documentation in the form of an admissions acceptance letter to the Foundation before the grant will be finalized. The exact number of awards and the total amount of money to be awarded in 2018, will be determined during the selection process. The HAHMA anticipates minimum individual awards to begin at $500 for the 2017/2018 school year.

All grants are made payable to the post-secondary institution the recipient will attend during the 2017/2018 school year. As was previously mentioned, the student must provide the HAHMA a copy of an admissions acceptance letter from an accredited school. It is the intent of HAHMA that the full amount of these grants be applied to the recipient’s school expenses (tuition, standard student fees, on-campus room and board or school approved off-campus room and board, books and other required student materials). We strongly suggest that the recipients contact the HAHMA before accepting the scholarship, if there is any doubt about the continuance of other financial aid, especially need-based scholarships.

There are five (5) essential parts of the application, and all must be received in order for the HAHMA to consider an application. The deadline for complete applications is 10pm CST August 31st, 2018.

  1. The application form that contains basic information about the applicant, as well as, the applicant and parent/guardian statement with signature must be completed.

  2. An official grade transcript that shows the courses the applicant has taken and the grades awarded through the fall semester of the 2017/2018 school year must be submitted. Any applicant who is a first year college student at the time of application must provide both a current college transcript and their high school grade transcript. These transcripts will allow us to evaluate academic performance. College students should request their transcripts as soon as possible, in order to arrive by the deadline.

  3. Two completed reference forms must be submitted. These references should come from people who have first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s functioning as a student on a regular basis. The Foundation assumes that recommendations from teachers, guidance counselors, principals, deans, and other school administrators are better indicators of a student’s future performance in school than personal recommendations. AS A RESULT, RECOMMENDATIONS SHOULD COME FROM THE AFOREMENTIONED TYPE INDIVIDUALS. References from employers and clergy people would also be acceptable. REFERENCES FROM RELATIVES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  4. The selection committee wants to get to know you on a personal level and gain insight into your character and chosen field of endeavor. In an essay of approximately 400 words, typed or neatly printed in your best style, identify and describe what you feel are your most positive personal qualities. Also, inform the selection committee of your chosen field of endeavor. Please list co-curricular activities (civic, educational, family responsibilities, job experiences, religious, social, and/or sports) which reflect your interest in the field you have chosen to pursue through your post-secondary studies. We encourage you to elaborate on the length of time of your involvement and describe any projects that reflect your interest in your chosen field of study.
    Creative alternatives to this essay are also acceptable. Musical and/or dramatic presentations may be provided. This presentation should be five (5) minutes or less in length, submitted on videotape or DVD. Submission of a portfolio of artistic work, not to exceed 25 pieces, is also a suitable alternative to this essay.

  5. HAHMA will require a form certifying an applicant’s good standing in residency from their site management company. The form is self-explanatory and will require the signature of the resident’s property manager of the AHMA Member “Affiliated Property” Site Management Company. This statement will ensure that the resident applicant is in good financial standing and not in violation of any lease requirements where they reside. It should also be noted that HAHMA will make a follow-up contact with the recipient’s property manager prior to the actual payment of any grant money in order to ensure that the resident has maintained their good standing status.


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