Heartland Affordable Housing Management Association (HAHMA)
is a professional organization composed of property owners, managers and related professionals who specialize in the development and operation of affordable housing in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

HAHMA is dedicated to improving the professional skills and knowledge of personnel working in this special field, to industry representation, and to a better living environment for all residents.

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Coronavirus has put pressure on all of us in our business and daily lives.  Here at HAHMA, we take everyone’s health very seriously.  Be it in the office, or our training classes, rest assured we are concerned and taking steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

New Classes Just Added!

Fair Housing

Animals everywhere! Is this a Service animal, Assistance animal, Companion animal, Emotional Support animal or a pet? Confused? Sit with us for Fair Housing and learn the difference and what it means for your properties.

This is just one of the topics we will discuss. Also included;
• Reasonable Accommodations
• Reserved Parking
• Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity
• 7 Federally Protected classes
• State protected classes
• Fair Housing for Maintenance and others
• Much More!

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Stay tuned for information about the upcoming online classes!

Vendor Spotlight


Mederi Caretakers655 Craig Rd #140
St. Louis, Mo 63141
(314) 991-2377

Newest Member

Lansing Heights Apartments

A McCormack Baron Management Property, located at 329 West Marry Street in Lansing, KS.  Click the image to be taken to their Website to learn more.

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